The intuitive mind 
is a sacred gift and 
the rational mind 
is a faithful servant. 
We have created a 
society that honours 
the servant and has 
forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein

Light Reflections 

Stand still and gaze....


Reflections on Hypnotherapy

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Visualisation Of Leaves On The Stream

Posted on 15 May, 2017 at 6:25 Comments comments (0)

There is a great image that hypnotherapists sometimes use, of watching leaves floating down a stream. You sit on the bank and watch the leaves come down the stream, pass, and float on by. You know that you yourself are separate from the leaves, the leaves are not you. These leaves can represent our thoughts, feelings and sensations. You watch them come, pass, and float away.

The point of the image of leaves floating down a stream is that we let go of our usual identification...

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Approaching the Beast

Posted on 7 February, 2016 at 16:55 Comments comments (0)

When it comes to anxiety and its associated physical symptoms, I often hear from people that they wish to fight them, to get rid of them, and so on. However, I am sure that fighting because of fear is never good for people; things are almost always made worse that way. But fighting the fear of fear does work. This means having the courage to approach fears and not run away from them. When you do this, transformation begins.

What does it mean to approach a fear or an anxiety...

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Hypnotherapy to improve performance - The Musician.

Posted on 29 December, 2015 at 18:00 Comments comments (0)

Hypnotherapy can be a very useful tool in helping improve performance, whether it is in as a musician, a sports-person or actor, or for things like driving, public-speaking, studying for exams, and many other things. Hypnotherapy enhances focussing on the task, optimising skills, reducing anxiety and distractions and increasing pleasure.

The musician who wishes to excel in their art, to leave performance nerves behind, and to engage and move their audience, can find a great ...

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Hypnotherapy and lifting the mood

Posted on 5 October, 2015 at 14:40 Comments comments (0)

Melancholy, the dumps, the dark night of the soul, these states have been known and described for many hundreds, even thousands, of years. How can the black dogs, or black thoughts, be banished? Or rather, how can they be transformed? Is this emotional wilderness and desert even sometimes a necessary stage before the lush-growing meadow appears with its myriads of flowers and birds?

Hypnosis can help enable a new Springtime to come, even after a Winter of depressive blacknes...

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Are you too sensitive?

Posted on 9 September, 2015 at 19:05 Comments comments (0)

What is the purpose of anxiety? Is it just a primitive fight/flight response gone wrong in our modern life? I tend to think that there is a lot more to it than that. Anxiety can be an immense motivator for change. And have you noticed how close the emotions of anxiety and excitement are? Just a little switch, and an uncomfortable anxiety can turn into a life-enriching enthusiasm.

I like to think one should become friends with one's sensitivity. So that it works for you not ...

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Hearing aids and hypnotherapy!

Posted on 1 August, 2015 at 15:40 Comments comments (0)

Hearing aids - these can be a good thing! Hearing is very important. It's important to hear what you want and need to hear!

I also think "filtering aids" are very important! As well as perceiving things, filtering is what the brain is doing all the time to a greater or lesser degree. Filtering out unnecessary distractions, noise and worry. So we can concentrate on what we wish.

But sometimes these filtering aids need cleaning out and renewing. And ...

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Some cooling thoughts.

Posted on 7 July, 2015 at 16:20 Comments comments (0)

With the hot weather we have been having recently, it is good to know that you can cool yourself down with the help of self-hypnosis.

Those who continually complain to themselves about the heat, how they can't bear it, that it's too hot, that the heat is killing them, just make themselves hotter! Hypnosis works both ways.

Be cool, calm and collected.

In the heat, slow down, be still, and bring cooling images to the screen of your mi...

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Hypnotic Superstitions

Posted on 7 July, 2015 at 15:00 Comments comments (0)

Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, most of us have at least some superstitions. Usually these are fairly harmless, but sometimes people let themselves be completely hypnotised by them, and suffer the consequences of seeing everything through the lens of their superstitions.

So what happens if an anxious person breaks a mirror, and one part of them has a leaning towards believing that seven years of bad luck are now coming, and another part of them wishes to be free...

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Thoughts on Tinnitus

Posted on 10 August, 2014 at 19:30 Comments comments (0)

Hypnotherapy and learning how to modulate the attention can be very helpful for those who struggle with tinnitus, or 'ringing in the ears,' Here are some thoughts for those who have tinnitus.

Tinnitus, like many other symptoms, including chronic pain, is often a manifestation of an underlying disharmony or imbalance in the body-mind system. I also believe that a problem with tinnitus can be approached in two quite different, yet mutually reinforcing, ways. One way is to...

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Hypnosis and pain

Posted on 15 March, 2014 at 21:25 Comments comments (0)

The alteration of pain through hypnotherapy is a huge untapped resource. Whether acute pain or chronic pain, hypnosis and suggestion can produce some astonishing effects.

The relationship of hypnosis to pain is of two kinds: firstly, you can use it to disconnect from the pain, which I think of as like a kind of mental painkiller. Secondly, you can work through suggestion with the pain and alter its character and effect, and also encourage blood flow and healing.

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