The intuitive mind 
is a sacred gift and 
the rational mind 
is a faithful servant. 
We have created a 
society that honours 
the servant and has 
forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein

Light Reflections 

Stand still and gaze....


Hypnotic Superstitions

Posted on 7 July, 2015 at 15:00

Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, most of us have at least some superstitions. Usually these are fairly harmless, but sometimes people let themselves be completely hypnotised by them, and suffer the consequences of seeing everything through the lens of their superstitions.

So what happens if an anxious person breaks a mirror, and one part of them has a leaning towards believing that seven years of bad luck are now coming, and another part of them wishes to be free of such a belief because they can see how unhelpful and irrational it is? It can be very powerful to speak to yourself as if to a friend, and say, for example, something like:

“This is an immense piece of good luck you breaking that mirror! This is a perfect opportunity to use the energy from destroying an old false belief to revitalise your way of seeing things. It needed smashing!”

Nourish helpful beliefs and they will come true, and vice versa. If someone believes they are due bad luck, of course bad luck will come to them. However, believe in good luck and good luck will come to you! Both of these may be superstitious beliefs, but which is helpful? You attract your luck. Make sure it's always good luck. Benefit from everything, both what seems good and what seems bad. Use everything.

Don't let a tyrant rule your life. If you are married to an unhelpful superstition, go quickly and get a divorce! And don't do it amicably! Give him a good hiding! Chase him out of the house!

Intentionally make helpful superstitions. My mother's lucky day is Friday 13th.

A friend told me an old Scot’s rhyme:

Oh dearie me, my granny caught a flea.

She peppered it and salted it, and took it for her tea.

An unhelpful superstition can be looked on as like a kind of flea, tiny in size and importance. But you might as well dispatch it with gusto, like granny! Add spices of laughter and roast it on the fire of rational examination, then eat it right up!

See blessings in every moment. We truly make our own fortune, through our actions, our decisions, and above all, our beliefs. So I wish you good luck, good fortune and endless blessings. All this is indeed yours if you look for it, and it is waiting to pour its goodness upon you.

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