The intuitive mind 
is a sacred gift and 
the rational mind 
is a faithful servant. 
We have created a 
society that honours 
the servant and has 
forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein

Light Reflections 

Stand still and gaze....


Some cooling thoughts.

Posted on 7 July, 2015 at 16:20

With the hot weather we have been having recently, it is good to know that you can cool yourself down with the help of self-hypnosis.

Those who continually complain to themselves about the heat, how they can't bear it, that it's too hot, that the heat is killing them, just make themselves hotter! Hypnosis works both ways.

Be cool, calm and collected.

In the heat, slow down, be still, and bring cooling images to the screen of your mind. For example:

- lying in a cold and clear mountain stream, the cooling water flowing and bubbling over you.

- sucking an ice cube, or ice cream, noticing cool sensations spreading throughout your head and body.

- wearing soothing cold wet flannel, perhaps coloured white or blue.

- being gently wafted by a cool refreshing breeze.

- being blown by a freezing Scottish north wind – the kind that penetrates to the very marrow of your bones!

- sitting on a high mountain top in midwinter.

- lying in a soft bed of pure white snow.

You can even imagine first of all an increased heat, followed by cooling images, just to let your body and mind know that you can easily take it. This sense of control with the perception of sensations enables calmness and equanimity, and alters one’s physiology.

Be cool!

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