The intuitive mind 
is a sacred gift and 
the rational mind 
is a faithful servant. 
We have created a 
society that honours 
the servant and has 
forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein

Light Reflections 

Stand still and gaze....

Client Testimonials

Once I understood that I was dealing with “the emperor of all maladies,” I felt the situation called for taking drastic measures, and at the time, those called me to hypnotism.  Fortunately, Clare Mingins, was my hypnotist of choice, and it has worked out very well for me: Clare is gentle, kind, intuitive, smart, knowledgeable, wise and all those many things we hope our doctors and helpers will be.  And I have learned that hypnotism is nothing to fear or avoid, and that it can be a great support in getting me through this difficult time.  I would recommend hypnotism with Clare Mingins to anyone who realizes they are facing an obstacle that is too difficult to handle alone. 


Hypnotherapy with Clare has helped me on my way to overcome worries I never thought I would. After a few sessions I felt increasingly positive and confident in doing day to day tasks, socialising and feeling at ease around large amounts of people. People close to me have seen a huge change in my confidence and stress levels, and can't believe how far I've come in a short amount of time, and neither can I! With Clare's help I now have more confidence in myself to achieve life ambitions such as going traveling and going to university, both of which I once feared I would never achieve.


Clare' s gentle and effective hypnotherapy has rid me of a condition that has plagued me for over 15 years.  Thank you Clare for increasing the quality of my life.




Having hypnotherapy with Dr.Clare Mingins at Light Reflections Hypnotherapy has been hugely helpful for me. I was not coping well with a recently diagnosed medical condition. I am an anxiety prone person anyway and this medical shock caught me unawares. I felt I was spiralling down into anxiety and realised I needed help. I chose hypnotherapy to address what I realise is a habit of worry. I needed to get back in control of the worrying thoughts that threatened to overwhelm me.

After my first session I was sure that I had been most fortunate not just in my choice of therapy but in the therapist.

In quiet and calm, I was gently questioned about my reasons for seeking help before being hypnotised. This I found to be a deeply relaxing state through which Clare's voice wonderfully guided me.

At first my reaction was one of relief that I had a means whereby I could climb out of the spiral of worry. Several sessions later I can feel a remarkable progress and those close to me have observed my more positive attitude as Clare has helped me transform my anxiety. Unsurprisingly, the physical effects have been positive too. For example, after one of our sessions my blood pressure, always on the high side, was normal.

I now feel I am better equipped to deal with my anxiety. As well as hypnotising me, Clare has made many useful suggestions all of which I am able to use to good effect. I have learned a great deal - all of it of value now, but also for the future.

                                                                                                 Penny Ingham (aka Benson)